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Noosa Thriller

Noosa Thriller

Awesome 500 hp high performance ocean ride.

Wave jumping, 360 degree turns, figure 8s.. Ocean swell surfing and spectacular coastal scenery. Whales, dolphins, turtles, manta rays, pristine coves.

"WELCOME ABOARD" Noosa's most popular thrill boat ride. AWESOME 500 horse power high performance ride. WAVE JUMPING, 360 DEGREE TURNS, OCEAN SWELL SURFING, FIGURE 8, See the spectacular Noosa national park coast line, beaches and coves. Whales (in season) June to November, dolphins, any time manta rays, sea turtles.

We have seating for 12 passengers and seats are 350 mm, soft foam with three feet positions for short legs. We also specialise in party times, conferences activities, birthday parties, family groups and pre-wedding activities.

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Noosa Thriller

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